Always have something to look forward to…

A ‘romantic getaway’ can be anything from a 5 star resort experience to camping on the beach with no electricity. The essence of the romantic break comes from you and your lover. It is so much better if you are both completely and utterly into it. Spending time away from the routine of home, the house jobs we all have, the computer, the mobile phone… leave it all behind for the weekend and truly indulge in your partners presence.

I have long been an advocate of ‘always having something to look forward to…’ I would be planning my next trip away the week I got back from any adventure. I does not matter how far away it is, 2 months or 2 years, It is essential for your mind to have a goal, a purpose, a reason to go to work every day.

If you are part of a duo, perhaps you could surprise you partner..? Plan a few days for the two of you, somewhere different, somewhere neither of you have been before. If the finances govern where you go, that’s fine, you just have to think outside the box.

Take the time to get back to nature, if you live in the city. Being in the bush, camping, being surrounded by trees, smelling grass and having a bon fire are all great de-stressors.

Spending time with your lover with none of the regular distractions will allow deeper conversations, which leads to reconnection. How long is it since you discussed your goals? Are you both still aiming for the same thing in the future? Do you have an activity you do together? Is it time to find one? These are the kinds of conversations that give you confidence in your relationship and your partner.

So plan a weekend away, take yourselves on an adventure, go somewhere new. You only fully live when you are challengedby new things.