Breast Cancer Awareness

Chrissy Amphlett from the Divinyls wanted her song to become the anthem for Breast Cancer Awareness. That dream has become a reality and released this week, a year after she lost her battle with Cancer. Have you seen the video? It is very raw and very real, take a look via the link. Some of our amazing Australian Female artists have given us a strong and heartfelt, version of Chrissy’s song “I Touch Myself”.

Breasts are depicted through the media as a sexual part of our anatomy, and they can be a great part of sexual play… they can help a woman to feel feminine and sexy, and men just to want to touch them! The reality is they are there to feed and nourish our babies. We all need to be aware of our own bodies, the changes they go through as we age. How often do you check your breasts for lumps? Early detection is vital, and could save your life.

Whenever you hear Chrissy’s song now, make it a reminder to check yourself, pop it in your playlist so you will hear it once in a while.

RIP Chrissy…