Fetish Friday…

Our unusual topic this week is Partialism. So first of all, what is it exactly? As the name would suggest, this fetish is about parts of the body, where the person who is being turned on by particular body part/s and the rest of the body is of little consequence. some of the more common body fetish parts are toes or feet, bodily fluids or hair, or it could even be breasts or the bum.

Now most of us have a particular part of the body we look at first when we meet someone of sexual interest to us, but when we are getting to know this new person we are interested in the whole box and dice, the fetishist will be focused on only the body bit of their desire. So no you do not have a fetish if you are a boobs man or an abs chick!

I have been checking through all my text books and there is very little info about Partialism, nothing at all about how it may start. I will then suggest like our first fetish it is most likely brought on by early sexual development behaviour. The harm that can come out of this will most likely be to the fetishist themselves, feeling they are not ‘normal’ and having trouble finding a partner that will let them indulge in their possibly peculiar object/s of desire.

If you find yourself drawn to particular body parts and feel this is not something you wish to continue with, seeking assistance from a sex therapist would be a step in the right direction. If you know you are a partialist but are happy with everything, fabulous!

Have a great weekend