Fetish Friday… Transvestism

I am adding this to the Fetish section, when in fact transvestism is no longer technically viewed by the Psychology schools, as a fetish. I do believe a vast majority of the general populace does see it in this way, so I’m writing today to clarify this area.

True transvestism refers to those who dress up in the clothing of the other sex, the feeling of being in the clothing is what brings them sexual arousal. Some transvestites get off on seeing themselves as a member of the opposite sex, while they are cross dressing.

If you have never had any contact with a transvestite, you may have little or no understanding of what it means. There are other groups who dress in the clothing of the other sex (it is more often men dressing in women’s clothes than the other way around). For example, transsexuals, Trans people fully identify as the other sex, in every way, they feel as though they were born with the wrong body and in many cases take hormones and eventually go through gender reassignment surgery to correct their body. They dress in the clothing of the other sex as this is how they identify, it has little or nothing to do with sexual arousal.

Then you have drag queens, these are generally male entertainers who dress, often garishly, as women as a form of dramatic art. They dance, sing and mime and often deliver comic relief. Drag men usually identify as average heterosexual males, entertainers.

Transvestite men are often believed to be gay, this is another myth or misunderstanding. The percentage of men who are gay and do not dress in female clothing is about the same as those who do dress in female clothing. So the urge to cross dress for sexual excitement is exactly that. Like other fetishes, the behaviour most likely developed from an incident at a young age and grew with the boy into adulthood. It is not an issue or a problem as it rarely affects anyone but the transvestite themselves. As mentioned they are usually heterosexual and go on to marry and have children. They often keep their behaviour a secret, however this can be quite confusing and un-nerving for a wife if/ when she ever discovers her husband’s needs.

I was visiting a relative in a small country town a few months ago and noticed a transsexual man (dressed as a woman) in the line at the supermarket. The older lady behind me commented and kept on and on about it. In a small town, this is an even bigger leap of faith for this guy, than for those in a big city.

I do understand it can be quite a curiosity when you see a man dressed as a woman in an everyday situation. In most cases this will be a transsexual. Not a transvestite. There is a big difference. Try not to be too judgemental about these folks, it takes an enormous amount of courage to go out in public dressed as the other sex. Just remember, how you feel about your gender identity, what if you thought nature had it wrong… wouldn’t you just want to be who you felt sometimes?

Have a great weekend