If it’s not on it’s not on!

Has western society finally come to their senses about condom use and safer sex?

Current statistics tell us the group with the most new STI infections is the 40-55 age group. Our separated and divorced Empty Nesters are NOT practicing safe sex! But how can this be…?

I believe it is a sense of safety this group of people have, they feel they are immune, due to their age. When they began their sexual lives, the only thing they possibly heard about was AIDS, and back then it was something that only affected the Gay community.

I am in this age group and can tell you from experience, the Sex Ed we got at school was far from ideal. It was more about reproduction and how to avoid it than talking about Sexually Transmitted Infections. I didn’t even see my first condom until several years after I had become sexually active.

On the other hand, our teenagers are far more aware of the dangers of unprotected sex. Of those I speak to, most of them use a condom most of the time. This is a great improvement on where we were 20 years ago. Of course there are still some schools and parents who put their heads in the sand and chose not to talk about it at all, these are often the kids that end up pregnant and or with an STI.

Condoms are not fail safe as we humans tend to stuff things up from time to time. However unless you are in a mutually monogamous relationship… meaning you are both only having any kind of sex with each other and you have both had full STI screening since this began, then condoms are essential every time.

Are you being safe… and good to your body? You only get one body to play with.