Kamp Konfidence… It’s a girl thing

Yesterday I was invited to speak at Kamp Konfidence by Kamp founder Kortney Olson. The Kamp has been created to encourage teen girls to look beyond peer pressure, form a sisterhood and build healthy self-confidence and respect for self and others. It is just 48 hours, but it makes the world of difference for the participants.

The girls are bought together on a Friday afternoon and given the opportunity to leave their worries at home and immerse themselves in a new situation, learning about friendship, bonding, healthy life choices and so much more. After 2 days and 2 nights, none of them want to go home! Keep in mind there are no mobile phones or computers there.

I was lucky to be invited to talk to the girls about sexuality and answer questions and clear up some of the pressing issues they are facing and will face in the future. I was so happy with the interaction from the whole group. They, like any group of people, came with diverse backgrounds and personal experience. There is no judgement at Kamp, only understanding and support. Their questions were real, and the sharing and learning immense.

KK Poster Cropped

Kortney and the girls enjoyed it so much they have asked me to join the team. I’m really excited about being able to help more girls over the coming months, with those tricky questions that often go unanswered. Teen Sexuality is difficult for so many girls and guys. It is so good to be able to help.

Thanks to Kortney, Soraya and Emily, looking forward to the next Kamp in September! Check out the website… www.kampkonfidence.com