Losing our virginity

For all of us that are no longer virgins, we most likely remember exactly when and where this moment of our lives took place. Whether you have been very sexually active since then or not, it is just one of those times in our life, a one off experience. After all, once you have lost your virginity, it has gone forever…

Societies take on this event has changed dramatically even in the last 60 years or so. From those disgusted whispers about ‘that girl from down the street’ back in the 1950’s to today’s quite open acceptance that few people get married as virgins.

In fact our teens now seem to feel it is just one of those things they have to tick off the ‘list of things to do’. For many it is not the big moment when life changes, like it used to be. Our youngsters are engaging in intimate encounters at younger and younger ages, as peer pressure and cyber de-sensitisation blurs the lines drawn by their parents. It is sad that losing your virginity is not viewed as a special time by many now, but it is just a sign of where we are I guess.

Some of us have funny stories about our first time, some stories are sad and some just plain messy and awful. I would love to collect some of your stories and perhaps make each Wednesday ‘story day’ and share the stories of my readers. If you would like to contribute, I assure you all names will be changed, please contact me through the connect page.

It is not a topic we openly discuss with many people, and all of our experiences were completely unique… do you look back on your moment fondly? With a giggle? Or a grimace?