Manscaping… Like it or Loath it?

The scene in “The 40 Year Old Virgin” where he is getting waxed was one of the funniest scenes ever! It generated a lot of interest in the new era of the ‘Metrosexual Man’. Guys, how many of you spend time on waxing, skin care and at the hair dressers now? Most beauticians, once the sole turf of us girls, now advertise their “man packages”, for guys who want to be waxed, died and plucked… just like the girls.

Does this kind of pampering and attention to one’s self as male make him a lessor man? It was once the sole domain of the male to ware make up and wigs, and don fancy clothing (back in the middle ages). Our societal norms are constantly changing and evolving. Can you imagine a guy wearing a wig and more makeup than his wife today? Not likely unless he is a cross dresser.

I think it is fantastic that guys are now making more of an effort with their hygiene and personal grooming… at the very least they know what it feels like and why it takes the ladies so long to get ready to go out!

There is nothing wrong with a guy waxing, plucking and grooming himself as much and often as his girlfriend or wife. As a self-confessed hygiene freak, the less hair the better! I once broke up with a guy because he was too hairy. It sounds so shallow now, but I seriously disliked the thick curly coat that was permanently attached to his back. This was a long time ago, before manscaping was even a real word.

So the question is, does keeping the male body tidy and less hairy make a man a girl? Absolutely NOT!!! It means he cares about himself, is happy to spend time making himself the best he can be.

The hair was there to protect us as cave men (and women) and I doubt that we will ever have to go back to the caves.

So guys, wax, pluck, tint, shave and trim to your heart’s content… I know I’m not the only girl who is in favour of this trend!