Most girls hate it!

Lady days, Aunt Flo, Red Zone… periods! A vast majority of females of breading age would say they would prefer not to have to have periods. Especially when it starts, which is usually in the early teen years, when everything is changing and life is really a challenge.

Often those first few years, when your body is learning to deal with all the new hormones and growth, the monthly bleed can be very painful. I can remember even at 16, a few years after it started, I would be out in the back room at work curled up on the floor in agony. The cramps in my tummy were out of control… and that was on top of the hot and cold flushes. It was just awful.

The female menstrual cycle is something that is more openly talked about in the last 10 years or so, mostly due to TV advertising of feminine hygiene products. In the western world the 2 most popular items we use to catch the flow are pads and tampons. Most young girls start out using pads as they are easier to use and less invasive. They have a sticky side thatadheres to the inside of the underwear and catches the blood before it gets to your clothes. Tampons are put inside the vaginal opening to catch the blood before it leaves the body (either using a finger or an applicator). Both items need to be changed regularly and personal hygiene of washing hands before and after changing and showering daily are essential.

This ad came out recently and I think it is fantastic! It is funny, especially from a mother’s point of view. Having 2 daughters of my own, I can relate. Why girls are wanting to be a part of “The Cherry Slush Club” is totally beyond me! But we do live in a world where so much information is shared now, so much more than ever before. If you have not watched the ad yet, please do, it’s hilarious. First Moon Party.

Females menstruate, on average from the age of 13 to 50 years of age. It is part of life, in fact without it none of us would be here. We women should rejoice in our femaleness, our ability to reproduce, to grow a whole new human.

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