Relationship Stress… Is it time to walk away?

I have had people ask on more than a few occasions… when did you know you were going to leave your husband (first husband)? For me it was a few hours after our 2nd daughter was born. He was bitterly disappointed that I had produced another girl… he was convinced the second child would be a boy. How dare I go against his wishes!!! Anyway, he was so unemotional about both the kids being born and generally unemotional about everything (except of course his own personal interests, which were nothing to do with me). After almost 10 years, I was a mess. Looking back now, I still to this day have not one regret about leaving him. It was the best decision I ever made. Keeping in mind it took me 2 years to actually physically leave. He was controlling, emotionally abusive and not the person he presented himself as during our courting period.

Every single situation and relationship is unique, I have very strong feelings about emotional, physical and sexual abuse in relationships. I will always advise a woman to leave and seek assistance when she finds herself in this situation. Your basic human rights protect you from this kind of abuse and you should make the effort, no matter how difficult it may seem at the beginning, to get away from this situation.

Sometimes you may find out your partner has been with someone else, again I have very strong feelings about these situations. Some couples are able to work through this… each to their own.

Perhaps it is you who finds yourself attracted to someone new? Again… if this is the case, leave before you cheat.

Relationships can be wonderful and fulfilling and enhance your time on earth, or they can bring you so far down you cannot remember what happy is. Take the time to really look at how you feel, what you are doing what you are giving and receiving. Is it balanced? Are you happy?

Life is not a rehearsal, make good decisions for yourself as often as possible.