Sex and Romance

On Valentine’s Day the thought of romance and sensual love with someone special come to the fore. It is a time when we make a special effort to look our best, put on our favourite perfume or manfume, and arrange dinner at a great restaurant.

What are you motives for this ritual? Do you feel like you just have to do it, or do you enjoy the game and the tease? Are you chasing that feeling of falling in love all over again?

Romance and the heady feel of new love feels so awesome due to the fact that we don’t know what is going to happen. It is the excitement of an adventure and the mystery of not knowing this new person.

So if you have been with your lover for a few years, and things have become a little predictable, can you bring back that tingle and excitement? I believe you can. But it does take some thought and planning. Just like a great holiday, if you plan well you can relax when you are there.

Create your own boudoir, hang some warm white LED lights in the bedroom, light a scented candle, grab an ice bucket and champagne, some fresh strawberries and wear the lingerie (or boxers or fancy dress outfit) that makes you feel sexy.

Maybe adventurous for you is some outdoor play, scout out a spot you could surprise your lover with a risqué interlude in a public place… the risk of getting caught can heighten the excitement!

Another great way to spice things up is to roll play. Arrange to meet at a bar and one of you can pick the other up, be someone different, create another story, listen to the character details your lover creates. When you get to the bedroom (or perhaps the park bench near the bar) you new personas allow you to try different positions and touch different spots. You could even try a foreign accent.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day and your Lover…