STI Friday…Viral Hepatitis

STI Friday will close off with Viral Hepatitis. So first of all what is it? Viral Hepatitis is the name given to a group of liver infections, which cause inflammation. So in this interesting little group we find Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and an occasional visit from Hepatitis D. So what are they doing in an STI write up if they are a liver problem you may well ask!

Hep A is transmitted through contact with faeces (poo)… more often than not it could be contracted if the person making your sandwich has not washed their hands after going to the toilet. It can also be contracted through oral/anal play… yes licking or mouthing your partner’s anus (if he or she is infected).

Hep B can be transmitted when having vaginal, anal or oral intercourse with an infected partner. It can also be transmitted through blood by sharing needles and infected blood supplies. It is quite feisty as it will also travel to a new host via saliva (yes kissing), nasal mucus, menstrual blood or semen. So it is advisable not to use someone else’s toothbrush or razor…

Hep C is transmitted through sexual contact and blood cross over with an infected person. Hep C risk is increased in those who are HIV positive. Hep D only attacks those who already have Hep B.

Hepatitis is another one of those sneaky virus’ that often do not manifest physically on their human hosts. If there are any symptoms they can present as jaundice, feeling nauseated and week, abdominal pain, loss of appetite. Your urine may turn a brown colour or look like tea. Your poo may look white’ish. These are all indicators your liver is not functioning correctly.

Left untreated hepatitis can cause chronic liver disease, cancer or even death. Diagnosis is done by testing the blood for antibodies and antigens. There is no cure for hepatitis, just rest and a healthy diet with plenty of fluids for a few weeks. And of course medical supervision.

There is a vaccine available against Hep B, if you feel you are at a high risk, this may be very beneficial to you. If you are not feeling well and have had unprotected sex, do mention this to you doctor when you visit so you can be tested for hepatitis.

I trust my STI Friday series was interesting and helpful, next Friday I am starting a new topic… Fetish Friday, here I will talk about all those fringe sexual activities that will make you say “Oh my”.

Have a great weekend, stretch your sexual adventures…

Until next week