Suddenly Single… Don’t go into a cave … Celebrate your freedom!

Being in a happy, mutually beneficial, respectful, monogamous relationship can be amazing. But this is not where we all are when we are in a relationship.  Some of us have the guts to leave when we have to (for our own sanity) and at some point many of us have felt the heartbreak of someone else’s decision to go their own way. Or perhaps you have just lost your best friend and lover, partner to death…

Whatever the reason you find yourself suddenly single, it is a great time to rediscover the real you… It may be the first time in a very long time you can or have to make decisions yourself. If you have had a partner to bounce things off for a very long time, this can be a very difficult adjustment.  Don’t make hasty decisions; take your time to think about how you feel about the consequences… either way.

Establish your financial situation. Make a full assessment of where you are now with your money, income, debt level and living arrangements. If you need to make adjustment here do it sooner rather than later. If cash allows, take a holiday, it refreshes your mind and body.

Take time to grieve your loss, but there has to come a time where you put the breakup or loss behind you and look ahead to new adventures. It can be really difficult to imagine you will laugh or be happy ever again… you will. You can make a decision to look forward. Try new things… book in for cooking classes, join a wine appreciation group, a hiking group… learn a new language, get dancing lessons. The big thing here is to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone keeps you in a stagnant state. Challenging your mind and body gives you new confidence, opens your mind to ideas and can take you in a direction you would never have imagined.