Valentine’s Day… oh the pressure!

Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 each year. Its origins date back to the Christian Romans, They had a few martyrs named Valentine that were honoured on Feb 14. Fast forward to 18th century England and we find it has evolved into a day where lovers express their feelings through gifts of chocolates and flowers, and sending cards.

It has become a very commercial event like so many others in our money hungry western world. There has been a Valentine’s display in my local supermarket for three or four weeks already! It can be difficult to ignore the shiny red hearts for sale in many shapes and forms, let alone the multitudes of red roses that suddenly appear this week.

As a lady, I have had the gambit of experiences in the past… from boyfriends having massive bunches of red roses delivered at work to the envy of the girls around me, to being in relationships where the guy has done nothing at all, and I was the one watching someone else get the gorgeous flowers! The stress for the girls is waiting for the delivery guy to call out the name on the tiny card attached.

For the guys it can be an extremely high stress situation, depending on the current level of commitment, how his wallet is looking on the day, where he thinks the relationship is going, how much he panders to the commercialisation of the day, down to how romantic he really is. He also has to deal with his lady’s possible cold shoulder if he chooses to do nothing or forgets!

For those ladies who do receive a lovely gift or card, accept it with grace and gratitude, and to the guys who take the time to do something (and it does not have to be a big expensive thing), kudos to you. If you and your lover do things for each other often, this one day of the year is not really that special, cheers to you both.

How many of you ladies send their guys flowers? Do you think this is acceptable these days with the equality we are all chasing? Perhaps it’s time to find your own way to celebrate the love you feel for your partner… Whatever you decide to do, do it with passion and excitement!

Let me know your thoughts!