What makes a great lover?

What indeed! One person could describe you as a great lover and the next person may not. Having a good understanding of the anatomy of the opposite sex is a good start (for the hetro and bi folks out there). Do you know the erogenous zones that tip your lovers over into that heady euphoria where the moment is all about that tingle, in the ultimate pleasure zone?

It is also vitally important to know your own body inside and out. Have you fully explored your tipping points?

Some points that can bring your bed buddy’s passion to a head… guys have a very sensitive spot called the perineum, it is the spot between his scrotum and his anus. This spot is often ignored. Also the inside of his thighs, so during foreplay you could try a whole body sensual massage, culminating to the inside thigh and up to the perineum. Then before you touch the scrotum and penis, feather touch the perineum.

The female body has many points that can trigger an erotic reaction. Try light kisses or even a light nibble on the back of the neck, up to the hair line, or perhaps, like the guys, the inside of the thigh, up to the vulvar area, but not touching it.

There can also be some things we are all led to believe are fabulous for everyone… like a tongue in the ear or even kisses in/on the ear! I cannot stand this! I hate the sound of a heavy breath in my ear, and a wet tongue is even worse. Let me know if something tips you the wrong way?

Like most things in life, communication allows you to learn, just remember you have two ears and one mouth, so you should be listening twice as much as you talk.

Knowing the erogenous zones that are common to most will help you to be a great lover, then listening to the verbal signals and the less obvious body language will fine tune your efforts. Enjoy each other …