What do Women really want?

That eternal question men have pondered for centuries! There have been plenty of movies and books written on just this subject. Daniel Bergner has spent the last 8 years researching and has written book. He believes part of the issue is that men like to think women are demure and not the least bit sexually aggressive. He intonates women have been put in a box and labelled thusly.


According to Daniel ‘what women want’ is multiple sexual partners and for men to understand that we can be just as interested in sex as the guys.

I think he has a point… BUT trying to put every women into the same box is not very interesting or intelligent! I am a woman and I can say what I want from a man, a relationship and sex has changed numerous times over the course of my life. I’m currently in my 40’s and in my second marriage. I’ve had my share of experiences, good and bad. It’s the stuff we live for. If you asked me ‘What do you want’ you could get a different answer every week! I can honestly say, getting older does help clarify things, as we age we are better able to listen to our instincts and trust them. We are better able to voice our needs and also have the confidence to be bold in giving and receiving especially in the bedroom (not that it has to be in the bedroom all the time). Talk to the women around you… you will hear a massive difference between all women and I think especially over different age groups. Ladies in their 20’s are often still chasing the Knight in shinning armour, where as those in their 30’s are far more realistic, and by the time we are in our 40’s we are over the crap, and are enjoying our strength and independence.

What women want is not to be put in a box, but listened to. We are all unique and constantly evolving. We are definitely complex and often difficult to read. But getting to know women or even just one, is an adventure in its self and worth the time. Would you agree?

Are you a Lady? Do you agree with Daniel? Are you a guy? What do you think women want?