Sex Ed… Did You Get Enough?

My first ebook is available NOW, with loads of interesting info inside. Everyone who has read it so far has told me they learned something new, including my step son (22 years old). Most people under 30 got a much better introduction to “Sex Ed” than those of us a little older. Now I know there is an infinite number of websites where you can get information these days. But, this book touches lots of subjects, and could help you understand the other sex just a little bit better … do you know how long the clitoris really is?

My Mum and Dad, mostly Mum, did the best she could talking and teaching me about sex. I guess most of the facts I received came from school science class, and that was mostly reproductive info. How did you learn about sex? Do you feel like there is stuff you would still like to know about?

Buy it now, and please let me know what you think …