Female ejaculation… squirting…what is it?

Female ejaculation… squirting…what is it?


I have spoken to a few women who experience female ejaculation on a regular basis…. One lady remembers her first experience vividly… 20 odd years after it happened…

 “I was quite young, only 18… my lover was in his 30’s and quite a dab hand.  After a fabulous long lunch we were in the throes of a hot, sweaty encounter when I had an amazing release at orgasm… the guy told me I had pee’ed and I felt quite embarrassed and for years thereafter held back that feeling. Now in my 40’s and in my second marriage, my husband loves to perform oral on me and within 6 months of us getting together, he brought me to the most amazing orgasm. I worried again that I had urinated… but after much coaxing and encouragement from my husband I now have what we call gushers all the time. I have tried to find info on the net about this and there really is not much info available.”

Several different studies have identified 3 types of fluid that may be released at orgasm in females…The term squirting is often used to describe a clear watery substance, often in substantial volumes. This liquid does come from urethra, not the vagina. It has been difficult to analyse the substance so far due to the nature of collection and obtaining a ‘clean’ sample… considering where it comes from and how it comes about, this is not surprising. Of the few small research studies I can find, it appears that the liquid does accumulate in the bladder during stimulation, however it does not contain the usual chemical makeup of urine, ie, uric acid, urea, and creatinine, it is clear and does not have a fragrance or leave any marks on sheets.

Another orgasmic secretion can come from the female prostate, once known as Skenes glands, has been reported as an area that secrets a light milky substance, often following the ‘ejaculation’ as noted above. Containing higher levels of prostatespecific antigen (PSA), this also leaves the body through the urethra, in smaller quantities as the female prostate is quite small.

Tantra teachings also mention the female flow… Tantra is not my area of expertise, so I will leave this side of it to the experts. Do check this area of Tantra out if it interests you though.

The ‘regular’ female orgasm is most often a build-up of vaginal lubrication.

So the jury is still out on the complete makeup of the substance, BUT it does exist, it is not urine and it is not experienced by all women, nor is it essential to the enjoyment of sexual intercourse or orgasm. If you are experiencing female ejaculation rest assured it is quite normal for some, go forth and let it flow (if it makes you feel more secure just fold up a towel and place it appropriately when playing!). If you are a guy looking for info on this as you have experienced it from the other side… just go with it and revel in your experience with a confident woman enjoying your company.