Guy stuff…

Gold Coast 600 V8's

Why is it that guys (most of them) just love cars… car races, classic cars, doing up cars, buying new cars…? I also know plenty of ladies who are into cars in some way too, however it seems built into the genetics of our males to love car stuff!

It is top of mind this week as we are recovering from the V8 SuperCars here on the Gold Coast in Australia. It is 3 days of thundering V8 street racing, throw in some Porches’, a smattering of drifters and drag racing and you have yourself a testosterone packed weekend for the boys!

There have been countless studies over the years about the seemingly inbuilt differences in what little boys like to do and how little girls prefer dolls and tea parties over cars, trucks and mud puddles… how much of this is influenced by conditioning from our parents? The toys they buy us and the clothes they put us in? How much influence does our society have on this?

As I have 2 girls, I did not want to influence them in any particular direction and in addition to a few dolls, plastic cooking sets and fluffy toys they had as many digger trucks, trains and slot cars as some of the little male humans around them. Secretly I was also a little envious of the cool toys my little brother had when I was growing up. Boy toys always seemed more interesting to me. Does that now carry over to adulthood…? I do think I’m a bit of a tomboy sometimes!

My guess is a ratio of 10:1 male to female around here this weekend. With the boys and the cars come the pretty grid girls, most of them way too young for the men who are ogling them. We seem to get an influx of strippers who are absolutely fine to wonder around high rise apartments almost naked… for the pure pleasure of the boys who stay there for the weekend. Our local police have even turned a blind eye to these shenanigans this year.

GC 600 Grid Girls

So the cars go around and around, the gorgeous young girls pose for pictures with total strangers (whose wives will never see the photos) and the merchandise stands and fast food vans do a roaring trade. I guess it is just a boy thing… do girls have an equivalent activity to attend once or twice a year? Where we get to watch a 2-3 day event, drink all day and watch hot young men walk around half naked??? NOOOO… perhaps we need to fix this ladies? Andy suggestions?

Have a great week