Happily Single?

Happily Single

Is there such a thing? We are not all meant to be in a relationship at least that is what those who are having trouble finding someone will say.

Our social norms are definitely changing. As little as 50 years ago it was highly unusual to hear of a couple separating and divorcing. Back then you found a suitable partner, got married, bought a home and had a few kids. Dad went to work to pay for it all and mum stayed home to look after the kids and run the household. Life was simpler…! At least that is the way it is portrayed in movies and media.

I am very sure that not all those ‘happy housewives’ were all that happy, however that was the socially acceptable way to live. Or at least they had to appear to be that.

I believe things have changed dramatically and with a divorce rate of 50% we know this to be true. So what has happened to all those happy housewives? They screamed for independence, they wanted to work, they wanted to have their own money, and they wanted bigger houses with fancy new furniture and for that, one income was not enough. With financial independence and assured government assistance for those who choose not to work, women no longer see a need for or to rely on a man to provide for her. ‘Money gives your choices’ is something I have drummed into my kids. Money certainly opens many doors.

So some ladies now choose not to have a man in their lives, because they don’t need the financial backing. They go it alone.

Guys are also choosing to stay single more often now than ever. I know a couple of guys in their 50’s who have never been married, never had any kids and love it that way. Some guys have tried the relationship and marriage path and just did not like how it felt.

Choosing to be single can still bring questions and raised eyebrows from friends and colleagues. Sometimes they will even feel sorry for you and try to set you up with someone they think you will ‘really get along with’…

Many people who find themselves single later in life consciously choose to stay that way. I know one lady who was in her late 60’s when her husband died. She sold the family home moved to a warmer climate, bought a brand new home and chose not to find a guy. She felt like she had spent a large part of her life looking after her husband and the kids (all while working part time), and just wanted to look after herself. She has since been on some lovely holidays and has a great group of female friends.

The message… yes, you can be happily single. If that is what you truly want.

If what you truly want is to share your life with a special someone, then never give up, be the best you you can be, be happy, live joyously and you will meet someone just right for you.