International Female Orgasm Day – 8th August

Woohooo…. Ladies it’s a day of exquisite celebration today! Well in Brazil anyway… Día Internacional del Orgasmo Femenino was started by Arimateio Dantas, Councilman of Espertina, in Brazil. He felt the need to share his ‘sexual debt’ to his wife with everyone, encouraging men and women alike to understand a little more about pleasuring a woman. So he proclaimed this day in honor of all women and their pleasure. It has been trending worldwide and we are happy to join the Brazilians in their day of celebrating female sexuality!

There are plenty of studies around that show an inordinate number of women (as compared to men) have never experienced an orgasm. Some women state they rarely reach that heavenly point with their partner. It is sad to hear these stories, this is often the case from ladies who have never explored their own bodies.

Girls, grab a mirror and get to know yourself, education is the key. Explore your fabulous vulva and clitoris. Use your fingers and/or a vibrator. Figure out what feels good for you, how much pressure is best for you and how fast the movements must be. Being comfortable with yourself sexually, is extremely liberating. And how can you possibly expect a man to ‘please’ you sexually if you don’t know how to do it yourself? They certainly don’t have the equipment to practice on.

A vast majority of ladies only orgasm from clitoral stimulation, so don’t be disappointed if you or your lady cannot reach orgasm from intercourse alone. There are twice as many nerve endings in the clitoris (and very few at the vaginal opening) as there are in the head of the penis. Guys make that little pearl your focus during foreplay, either with your fingers or your mouth and tongue. Performing cunnilingus has little to do with using your tongue as a mini dick and thrusting it into her vaginal opening, but far more to do with gently sucking and licking the clitoris.

If you are a single lady, whip out your most sexy underwear and your favorite BOB (boy on batteries) and have a mind blowing experience, and feel the united glow from satisfied women the world over.

So, on this glorious day of pleasure, International Female Orgasm Day, let’s rejoice in a world where female pleasure can be talked about and celebrated, love yourself, love your lady.

Champagne and cheers!