Masturbation…it just feels good!

Masturbation…it just feels good! The taboos surrounding masturbation… self-pleasuring… date back a few hundred years to our Victorian forefathers… and mothers.  They professed to be deeply religious back then and chose to follow the teachings of the church which forbad the nasty business of touching your own genitals for pleasure!  These days it is more widely accepted that we do it… but still has a stigma attached.

For most as youngsters,  we are told not to touch our private parts… we are told its dirty, naughty, or any number of things to stop us touching ourselves. The problem is it feels nice, so then we are made to feel guilty about something that we want to do, that feels good, and does not hurt anyone. This gives us an early start on bad feelings about our bodies and our sexuality… this can all happen even before we are able to remember it in years to come… this is deep seeded information… and it is really wrong. Masturbation, wanking, having a tug, flicking the bean (the names for it are endless) is good for you. It is the safest sex you can have. You cannot do it too much (unless you are masturbating so much it interferes with your life). It is of course a private activity, just like going to the toilet.

Masturbation should be spoken about as part of healthy sexual development; it helps you to understand you own body and how it reacts to stimulus. It is imperative you know this info as it will help you to talk to future lovers about what you do and don’t like, after all, how can you expect someone else to give you pleasure if you don’t know how to do it to yourself?????

Healthy Sexuality starts at home, with Mum and Dad. It is so important, even more now than ever before with the access to porn our kids have now. Be open and honest with your kids, teach them that it is a private activity, they can enjoy.

If you are reading this as an adult with no young children, but question the thought. Just let yourself go for a few weeks, allow your hands to explore, invest in a good quality vibrator (girls especially, but good for guys too), just try not to use it all the time. This can condition you mind and body to react only to this stimulation. Perhaps purchase some erotic fiction or an R rated DVD…? For those of you who have been taught ‘not to touch’ it can be a difficult transition. Please try… rewards and sense of achievement can be incredible!