Relationship Bliss…

Relationship Bliss

Relationship Bliss…Perfection is impossible, we are humans, we all have things we want and things we need.

Sometimes these wants and needs are met and sometimes not. How happy you are in your relationship really depends on this balance and your perception of it. For some they find a partner who more often than not makes them feel good, loved and nurtured. And for others it feels like they do all the giving. This only becomes an issue when the giver feels the imbalance. It then amplifies and unless we talk about it this is breakup time.

In my opinion, relationship bliss is when you are with someone who gets you… they know when you need a cuddle, they know when to listen and when to challenge you. You do the same for them. You both have respect for the other as an individual and believe you are a better person for your partner being in your life. Once the relationship is in full swing and the ‘honeymoon’ is over, do you still have respect for him or her? Do you show gratitude for the things they do for you?

One of the big monsters that can creep in is expectations… for example… your partner always gets up before you and makes you a coffee to bring to you in bed before you get up. That is a really nice thing for someone to do, especially when it’s winter and staying in bed is the more cosy option. After a year of this lovely gesture being offered to you, you may forget to say ‘thank you’. DON’T. Be aware of what your partner does for you, say thank you, and do nice things for them too. Don’t expect anything, and be grateful for all the little things people do for you. Make sure you share it around, for every nice thing done for you make sure you give back double.

Our ability to recognise a good relationship or a bad one will often come down to experience. I truly believe that we can only fully appreciate a good one after being in a bad one. When someone confides in me that they are not sure if their partner of 2 years is really the right person for them or not… My advice is most likely no! If you are questioning the situation you are in, it is your intuition telling you something is not right… and most likely never will be. Life is too short for staying with someone who does not lift you, inspire you, and spend quality time with you.

Relationship Bliss in the snow

Relationship Bliss in the snow

Some of the most wonderful people I know are single and wish they were not. And those in relationships that are miserable are with the wrong person for them at this point in their life. Take a look around you, do you have a relationship you are happier to be in than out of?

A blissful relationship really is amazing, not every minute every day but definitely most of the time… What state is yours in?

Food for thought…

Have a great weekend.