Sex talk for parents

Sex talk for parents… A vast majority of us have children and then try to avoid the topic of ‘Where did I come from’ when they ask. It is now more important than ever to start healthy sexuality dialogue as soon as you can with your children. It does not matter how adamant you are that they will not be exposed to any sexual material ‘until they are old enough’ (when do you think that is?). So many kids have smart phones at a younger and younger age that your children will see explicit images in the playground at primary school. It is up to you to give them the tools and knowledge to understand what they are seeing and to be able to process that info and have an idea of the context in which it should be viewed.

The topic of sex and sexuality should be a natural part of your conversation with your kids, use the correct terminology for sexual parts and let them ask questions at their own pace. You do not need to give a 4 year old a 30 minute dialogue on inception, pregnancy and child birth, when they ask why that lady over there is so fat in the tummy… use age appropriate answers.

Talking about sex does not get easier as they get older if you try to put it off. If you start when they are toddlers, chances are they will still be coming to you when things get really complicated… in high school. Surely you want to be the primary source of info for your kids? If you leave it up to others… pear group, school teachers, & magazines, how confused could they become? You need to give them a grounding in your family values and beliefs around sex the same way you do about manners, money, work ethics and all the other important things you teach them.

There are some wonderful books to assist you with your toddlers, I am aware not everyone is comfortable with the topic of sex, you can certainly explain this to your kids as you go…. Let them know that your own parents never spoke to you and that you are uncomfortable with the topic, but that you want to answer their questions, and perhaps look up anything you don’t know together.