THAT time of the month… Girls just hate it!

THINX Underwear Girls

Menses is the correct terminology, however girls have hundreds of names for our period, some of the tried and true are… Red Zone, Aunt Flo, the painters are in, leak week, big red and of course the curse… Some sound like the titles for horror movies!

We hate it because it feels like nature making life difficult. We worry about leakage, at first we worry about tampon insertion, once we become sexually active it often puts a dampener on passionate nights… When young teen girls have their first period, it is usually somewhat expected these days. Sex Ed has improved immensely in this area in the last 50 years, and we even have tampon commercials on TV. It is just one of those things females have to deal with in some way, whether it’s taking hormones to control it or total embarrassment if ‘it’ comes early or unexpectedly.

We usually carry pads and tampons with us and wear a panty liner as the day approaches. However, some ladies cycles are a bit out of whack and some ladies just don’t keep track. (Tip… there is a very handy app called P-Tracker you can get for your smart phone… get it, use it)

Many young girls are now choosing hormonal contraception that completely stops them having a regular monthly period. Personally I feel this cannot be a healthy long term approach. We are built to create new humans, your body needs to do its thing. If you would like more detailed info about the female cycle, many have found my book very helpful… it is available through the shop on this website.

I just found a fabulous product that could give us girls more comfort and confidence with THAT day of the month approaching… which inevitably does every 28 days or so.

Check out the video for THINX… brilliant product and they are also making a difference in the world and that is fantastic. Well done team THINX!

I love, love love this… What a fantastic idea, and ensuring every pair sold, enables a girl in Africa to have access to a clean reusable item that helps her deal with her period and means she does not have to miss school for a week! So impressed!!!

THINX Vision

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