The Latest Male contraceptive…

The guys at Parsemus Foundation are working hard to bring you an amazing new birth control option, Vasalgel. Currently in trials, it is hoped the release date will be some time in 2016.

For those married and/or in mutually monogamous relationships, the use of condoms is often abandoned, once you have both established a clean bill of sexual health! So then the question of contraception enters the game. Where condoms give both STI and unwanted pregnancy protection, they are often not a preferred contraception option for the guys, as many say it changes the feeling and intensity of sensation during sex. The few moments it takes to slide one on can also take the edge off the passion. So when STI’s are no longer the issue many other options open up.

There are so many contraceptives available now, for millions of couples the ‘easiest’ option is for the female to take ‘The Pill’. It is usually a once a day oral dose of hormones that trick the body into thinking it is already pregnant (and therefore cannot get pregnant again). Or perhaps an injected form of hormones that are often so strong they halt the menstrual cycle altogether…

I have tried my share of contraceptives in my younger days, and after years on the pill, you just kind of get used to how your body functions on it…. It is not until I stopped taking it I realised how much it was affecting me. Our hormones play a very big part in our overall health and body functions, so messing around with them can be a big downward spiral.

Vasalgel seems like a fantastic idea, in effect it is a reversible vasectomy. Vasalgel is a Polymer Hydrogel that is injected into the vas-deferens to block those pesky little sperm swimmers from escaping the penis. Much like a vasectomy, where the scrotum is sliced open and the vas cut to stop them escaping (guys, don’t worry, the body just absorbs them, you will not find your balls or penis filling up with a backlog of sperm cells). So the polymer is injected and becomes the barrier. With no known side effects, no hormone changes and no one having to remember to take or do anything! Let the passion take you whenever and where ever you are.


If at some point in the future you and your partner decide it is time to make a new human, you will go back to the doctor to have another injection that will dissolve the polymer and you will be good to go. How good is that?

The price has not yet been sorted out, but the guys at Parsemus are determined to make it very affordable to as many of the population as possible… hopefully under USD$100. When you consider the cost and consequences of a vasectomy and other contraceptives I think it’s a bargain.

I’ll keep you updated on their progress, the first human trials should be in 2015 in the US.

Have a great weekend