The pleasure and pain… being a girl.

pleasure and pain

Someone has to birth the brand new humans… as females we are given the equipment to do just that. It can be painful, scary, messy and often surprising in many ways… sometimes things don’t go according to carefully laid plans, sometimes we end up with a boy when secretly hoping for a girl or vice versa. Sometimes with a planned Caesar no one tells the kid and they arrive early. And when they can’t find their way out naturally, the doc may have to go in and grab the little bugga through your abdomen.

The vagina is an amazing tunnel of moist folds of flesh, the muscles holding it all tightly, so much so that a tampon, just a centimetre in diameter, will just stay putt a finger length inside the opening. This lovely tunnel is a complete fascination for most males, for the obvious reason that they don’t have one. I’m told by most guys that there is nothing like the feeling when they are making love and slide their penis into a moist vagina… being a girl, I’ll have to take their word on that!

During pregnancy the uterus grows with the baby from the size of a pear to a pouch big enough to accommodate a 3-4kg baby, its placenta and cord and some fluid to protect it all. The mum’s organs are all pushed out of the way for this little parasite. It sleeps when she is up and about and wakes up just when she needs to sleep.

When it is fully cooked (and sometimes before that) the cervix located at the underside of the uterus has to open up to allow the baby to pass through. Now, this opening is usually the size of a match head. It has to stretch to approximately 10 centimetres… yes 10 centimetres… this is the most painful part of a vaginal delivery… it can last hours and hours. This is labour, our body having endured backaches, sleepless nights, acid reflux and an abomination of different uncomfortable things is now being stretched to almost breaking point to allow this new life out into the world.

Once through the cervical opening, the vaginal walls come into their own and those lovely folded walls of flesh also open up to allow the baby to pass through. The checked flag is the vaginal opening, this seemingly tiny orifice is all that we really see stretching on those horrid child birth movies, however it is the final squeeze for that little head to conquer. Is it any wonder they come out crying? They must have a hell of a headache!

So mum has been pulled and pushed, squeezed and stretched, her lower half feels like it has been in a battle field (and possibly looks like it too). Childbirth is amazing and excruciating all at the same time.

Being born female or male is not a decision you make for yourself. Nature takes over at about week 6 after inception. If the sperm carried the Y chromosome, the embryo develops the sexual bits on the outside. Did you know that all embryos start out as females? That would account for men having nipples!

Female babies are also born with the cells in their ovaries for every egg she will ever have. The human body is the most amazing piece of equipment isn’t it!

So… what about the pleasure…? It is all about the clitoris. The ‘little man in the boat’ the ‘hidden pearl’, ‘bud’, ‘love button’ whatever you call it, it is the centre of erotic pleasure for a vast majority of women. The only purpose it has, is to give pleasure. THAT’S IT! How amazing is that? We girls have a piece of our anatomy that exists solely for us to play with (or have it played with) and feel sexually satisfied. It will never wear out, it is still as sensitive and usable at any age, we don’t need a partner to get it to work nor a blue pill to get it ready!

So things for the boys can look great sometimes… no periods, peeing standing up, no babies to push out, etcetera, etcetera. But, guys don’t have a clitoris, and the most sexually sensitive part of their body, the tip of the penis, has only 4000 nerve endings the clitoris has 8000!

I’m glad I’m a girl, I have had 2 kids… the pain is forgotten… but oh the pleasure of owning a clitoris! Will go on forever…

Yours in Healthy, Positive Sexuality