The Relationship NOPE List…

This is funny… and for many, our answers are a definite yes or no, either way. There is not much grey area. It’s mostly for the girls, but with so many fabulous metro males around now, some of them apply to you too.

Take a few minutes to read through it… let me know if there are any grey areas for you. It is an interesting study of our differences, in that some see things as completely ‘normal’ and do’able, and others see the same thing as disgusting or abhorrent, or just unthinkable!

It will most likely resonate with those in a new relationship the most. Learning your new lovers’ boundaries and putting your own boundaries forward is all a part of getting to know someone new, at an intimate level.

We all grew up with our families own set of values and ‘norms’ and when we go out into the world we discover the vast array of other peoples’ ‘normal’, it can be quite a shock. Is there anything that stands out in your memory that a partner did, or did not do, that you remember implicitly?

I can remember (a very long time ago) when I first moved in with my (soon to be) first husband. He was a ‘leave the bathroom door open no matter what’ kind of guy. That is a BIG no no for me! So how do you go about explaining to your new lover that something they do is really making you uncomfortable?

I would suggest leave them to finish their activity in that moment and talk to them shortly after to let them know how you feel about it. The longer you leave it the less they will understand your discomfort, as you have not voiced it earlier. Establish your boundaries and get to know theirs, we all have them and it doesn’t matter if you are both carefree nudists or never see each other naked or something in-between…

Relationships are a very complex weave of emotions, physics, biology and respect. Humans are programed to live in communities and western society has us believing we ought to be eternally married and monogamous. Personal boundaries span many parts of our lives, but the often secret parts are bathroom habits and sexual habits… this list brings to the fore discussion on two of our most taboo topics.


* * * * * * * *

The Relationship NOPE scale:


Would you ever fart in front of your partner?

Would you ever burp in front of your partner?

Would you ever go to the toilet in front of your partner for

a ( Number 1

b) Number 2

Would you ever share a toothbrush with your Partner?

Would you ever squeeze your pimples/blackheads in front of your partner?

Would you ever let your partner squeeze your pimples/blackheads?

tampon insertion
Would you insert/remove a tampon in front of your partner?

Would you have sex during your period?

Would you clip your toenails in front of your partner?

Would you pick your nose in front of your partner?

Would you pluck non-eyebrow hair from your body in front of your partner?

(Think boob, pubic, chin etc)

Would you shave your legs in front of your partner?

Would you clean your ears on front of your partner?

Would you go without makeup in front of your partner?

Would you have a regular non-sexy shower with your partner?

Would you talk about poo with your partner?

Would you give birth in front of your partner?

Would you let your partner see you without waxed pubic hair?

Would you let your leg hair grow out when you have a partner?

Would you eat a massive meal in front of your partner? (Apparently this is a thing!)

* * * * * * * * *


So how did you go? 🙂

Have a great weekend